My Approach

Whether you simply need a single, expert contractor for a smaller job, or you need a General Contractor who will supply and manage an entire team of skilled contractors for your larger project, METRO R3 is capable and ready. As a Wisconsin Credentialed, Licensed, Insured, Residential, Commercial, Contractor and General Contractor, we are excited to make your build and/or remodel dreams come true. We’ll come to your home, discuss your thoughts and wishes, create your concept design, coordinate the required team of contractors, manage city permitting, provide carpenters, custom stone and tile artisans, an engineer and/or architect, building and lighting plans, and even offer material, finishings and color selection services to complete your project from start to finish. 

Zen Design

Is creating a clearer state of mind by eliminating illusion, and applying my vision and design by focusing on seeing your space without distortion. By utilizing proper elements such as materials, weight, scale, texture, color, I am able to create not only patterns of light and space, but energy. I have the gift of hyper awareness, which allows me to process and understand spatial interaction between you and your home or business in a very different, more positive way. 

The House Whisperer

Merging more modern, architectural elements with your space to truly create a unique sensory experience and tactile reality.

My Story

challenged Hi, my name is Rob Fischer, President of METRO R3, INC. In 1997, I established a small floor refinishing business working weekends and evenings while keeping my day job- was just a floor guy back then. Today, I’m grateful to have had many opportunities to work with some very generous, well respected, and extremely knowledgeable professionals, who have both challenged me, and mentored me to take on projects to learn from. I utilize many of those fundamental experiences and knowledge base tools still today. Behind the scenes...the first business I started was simply called METRO FLOORS, as I primarily refinished and restored floors in Milwaukee’s, Historical Downtown area for real estate companies, government offices, and other commercial businesses. It wasn’t until several years later, that I realized the business was evolving and becoming much more diverse, and that meant…the name had to change to better represent this growing company, and METRO R3, INC was born. Now, I’ll share a secret that many people didn’t know. The “R3” in METRO R3, has stood for many meanings things. In the beginning it stood for Refinish, Repair, Restore. Years later, the R3 referred to Refinish, Restore, Remodel. And officially stands for Rethink, Remodel, Rebuild. 

Skipping ahead nearly 22 years, now armed with knowledge, experience, and a great infrastructural force (my team of dedicated, partner contractors), along with my innate passion for creating original, 3D Concept Designs, METRO R3 continues to evolve, into something much more significant. By continuing to build, solidify and refine our team, we are now ready to take yet another leap forward. 3D Concept Designed Kitchens, Baths, Basements, Home Additions, Commercial Build Outs and Home Building…are now ALL on the menu. 

It’s perfect! I’m in love with the kitchen cabinets and countertops...among other things. Lovely!
— Judi in Sheboygan, WI
It’s absolutely beautiful. What a vision you have. I can tell this is not just a job for you. You’re an artist!
— John in Brookfield, WI
Very impressive work!
— Ric in Madison
I still can’t believe we did this huge renovation. I wouldn’t change a thing, I love our home!!! Very thankful for Rob and all his hard work!
— Shannon in Wauwatosa, WI
Rob, you really do first class work.
— John in Milwaukee