Design. Concept. Remodel.

easy 5 step process

1  in person meeting

Contact us. We then meet in person to understand your style, the feel of your home, and ideally... how you would like them to mesh. We also consult on possibilities within confines of the homeโ€™s current design. Many contractors will come in with a tape measure and tell you how much your vision will cost to execute. We are different in the fact that we not only measure the space but also understand your style to give conceptual designs.

2  design concept

After we meet and come up with a common understanding of your style and the current space we will begin work on your conceptual design and spacial plan. 

3  estimate

After our in-person meeting and an agreement on the concept, we will come back with a detailed estimate of the work to be done. Think of this as a scope of work.

4  design approval

We are getting close to starting work. After we agree on estimates, we move forward on the concept, a final floor plan and design within that estimate will be presented and approved.

5  project plan

All designs and budget are now signed off. We'll make final design adjustments, and schedule the start of your project.

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