Our Story

In 1997, I established a small floor refinishing business working weekends and evenings while keeping my day job- was just a floor guy back then. Today, I’m grateful to have had many opportunities to work with some very generous, respected, and extremely knowledgeable individuals, who have mentored and challenged me to take on larger projects. I utilize many of those fundamental experiences and knowledge base tools still today. Behind the scenes...my first business was called METRO FLOORS, since I primarily refinished floors in the Downtown Milwaukee area for real estate companies, government offices, and other commercial businesses. It wasn’t until several years later, that I realized the business was evolving and becoming more diverse, and that the name should change to better represent this growing company, and METRO R3 INC was born. Now, I’ll share a secret that many people didn’t know until now, that there’s a reason there’s an “R3” in METRO R3. Since the business is always evolving and diversifying, the acronym “R3” also, initially had a different meaning. It stood for Refinish, Repair, Restore. Years later, they became Refinish, Restore, Remodel. And today...it stands for Rethink, Remodel and Represent, which sums up original concepts and thinking, exciting projects, and the business development consulting services I offer. 

Skipping ahead nearly 20 years, and armed with knowledge, experience, and a great infrastructural team and my innate passion for creating comfortable, architectural spaces, I have been able to grow my business into what it is today. METRO R3 is launching toward another, bigger, milestone. By continuing to build, solidify and refine my team, reinforcing higher levels of quality along the way, we are now ready to take on virtually ANY project, and do it well.